What is a respirator fit test?

Respirators only protect the wearer if they are tight-fitting without leaks. A respirator fit test is done using the same respirator make, model and size the employee will be using on the job. It is also done wearing the same equipment, which could include glasses and headgear.

What kinds of respirator fit test are there?

We offer two kinds of respirator fit tests, depending on the respirators you use and the hazards present in your work environment.

Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT)
This kind of testing relies on the senses of the user to report comfort, a tight seal, and the ability to detect odors.

Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT)
We add this test when OSHA regulations require reporting a metric for leakage around the face piece. A machine accurately measures the airflow around the entire device and reports a fit factor number.

What is involved in a respirator fit test?

Our expert respirator fit test examiners look for a tight seal. We test for gasses and particulates that may be present in your work environment and also test for worker performance while wearing the respirator:

  • Breathing normally
  • Deep breathing
  • Moving head side-to-side and up and down
  • Talking
  • Making various facial expressions
  • Bending over, jogging, or carrying something

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