Expertise in Managing Workplace Injury Care

When work injuries happen, the way you respond can make the difference in employee outcomes, risk reduction
and minimizing workplace disruption. We work with you the develop a workplace injury plan for:

  • Ensuring the injured worker gets fast and effective care
  • Providing detailed documentation
  • Making the workers compensation process smooth
  • Integrating your workplace injury plan and response into your occupational health approach

Patient Plus Medical Model for Fast Recovery

The patient-centric Patient Plus approach seeks first to minimize the pain and disruption that a workplace injury has on the injured employee. Secondly, we work to speed recovery so that they can get back to normal function—and your business disruption is minimal. Our approach also seeks to minimize risk of conflicts. We are compassionate and empowering, with effective treatment plans for the best possible outcomes. We include:

  • Initial injury visits and rechecks
  • Specialist referrals
  • Ongoing care coordination
  • Return-to-work exams
  • Thorough documentation

Learn More about Workplace Injury Care

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