Physical Exams Can

Physical Exams

Occupational health is all about keeping your employees safe, healthy, and productive. You also want to reduce risks and stay compliant with various occupational health regulations. OSHA, NIOSH, DOT, FMCSA and FAA are several of many government agencies concerned with regulating workplace health and employee health testing.
Drug & Alcohol Testing Can

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Employer drug and alcohol test programs are a valuable tool in enhancing workplace health and safety. Misuse of drugs and alcohol creates workplace hazards and places the health and well-being of every employee at risk. Patient Plus offers extensive drug and alcohol testing protocols that can be customized to fit your company culture.
Respiratory Fit Testing Can

Respiratory Fit Testing

A professionally administered respirator fit test is required by OSHA for employees required to wear a respirator. We are experts at conducting these tests in a patient-centric convenient way that keeps your staff safe and keeps you in compliance.
Pulmonary Function Testing Can

Pulmonary Function Testing

If your employees are exposed to airborne hazards, OSHA requires they take a regular pulmonary function test. Pulmonary testing can help you maintain employee health in situations where particulates, diseases and chemicals in the air create risky situations.
Injury Care Can

Injury Care

When an employee suffers a workplace injury, prompt treatment is the best way to keep the situation from becoming worse. In addition, recovery tends to be faster and more complete if a work injury results in immediate and effective care. Patient Plus takes a patient-centric approach that puts the care of your workforce at the center of your planning and response.
Vaccinations Can


Occupational health experts recommend workplace vaccinations to ensure your employees are up-to-date on vaccinations, from annual flu shot to vaccines required for travel. Our patient-centric approach makes it easy for you and your staff to comply with government vaccine regulations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and medical advice.