Patient Plus provides you with employee health physical exams that are fully compliant with federal and state regulators, while also being exceptionally patient-centric.

DOT Physical Can

DOT Physical

If your employees drive for a living, it’s likely they will need to take a DOT physical. Commercial drivers, are required to take the test by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). DOT physicals are designed to evaluate employees to ensure that they are up to the physical requirement of the job and to ensure the safety of the public. A DOT physical is part of getting a commercial driver’s license.
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Pre-Employment Physical Can

Pre-Employment Physical

Put your job candidates through a pre-employment physical efficiently with Patient Plus. You’ll be able to screen candidates cost-effectively, quickly, and accurately. We tailor programs to be fully compliant with state and local regulations, union contracts, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
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Respirator Physical Can

Respirator Physical

A respirator physical is a test that determines if a worker is fit enough to wear a respirator at work and if the respirator works well for that employee. A respirator test ensures that you stay in compliance with OSHA standards and protect employee health.
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Fit-for-Duty Exam Can

Fit-for-Duty Exam

A fit-for-duty exam is a way for you to make sure your employees can do their jobs safely. These tests should be a component of your hiring process and can also be used for your return-to-work process when workers come back after an injury.
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